The Global Learning Resource Library provides resources tailored to your global learning needs. For each element, resources are labeled as Beginning, Progressing, Proficient, or Advanced, and organized by

  • ASCD Readings, including books, Educational Leadership, ASCD Express, and Education Update articles, and blog posts.
  • Classroom demo videos of elementary, middle, and high school teacher integrating globally competent teaching into content-area lessons.
  • Sample lesson plans.
  • Links to additional classroom and professional development resources*.

Click on specific elements that you have identified as areas for improvement to explore resources that will help you move along the continuum.

For a deeper dive into each of the globally competent teaching elements, check out the book Becoming a Globally Competent Teacher. Each chapter is devoted to an element of globally competent teaching and includes a description of that element, tips for implementation delineated by developmental levels, and links to additional resources for continuing the journey.

To see how these 12 global competence elements look together in practice in elementary and secondary schools, explore ASCD's Teaching for Global Competence Videos on ASCD Streaming.