Globally Competent Teaching InfographicThe students we teach have diverse experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives and engage in a world that is interconnected and interdependent. Therefore, an integral part of a whole child approach to education involves instilling in students the mindsets, knowledge, and skills they need to live and work as citizens in a global society. This is done through globally competent teaching.

The Globally Competent Learning Continuum (GCLC) is an online self-reflection tool to help educators of all grade levels and content areas develop globally competent teaching practices. The GCLC provides 12 concrete globally competent teaching elements with descriptions of what each looks like at different levels of development. The GCLC also contains resources to help educators move along the continuum. Resources include articles, books, professional learning opportunities, videos of globally competent K–12 teachers in action, and teacher-created lesson plans.

  • Rate yourself on the 12 elements of globally competent teaching using the Globally Competent Learning Continuum.
  • Explore the Global Learning Resource Library to find the resources you need to grow and improve in each element along the continuum.
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